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School Trip

Enjoy an active school day out in our climbing park


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Enjoy an active school day out in our climbing park

Ready for a day in the most beautiful classroom around? Then Hoyt & Lavt Climbing Park is the perfect spot! Spend a fun day out in the woods while enjoying our climbing courses and activities.

If you want to stay for another day you can spend the night in your own tents in Kjærra fossepark. Its only a 5 minute walk from our climbing park and the surroundings are breathtaking.

Skyfall (Himmelfallet)

Why not feel the thrill of a free fall? Jump from the platform, standing at 30 meters tall, and feel the adrenaline as you head towards the ground. 2/3 of the drop is in free fall, before the brakes kick in and ensure you can enjoy a smooth landing on the ground.

Please note that Skyfall / Himmelfallet is not open during the whole season

Before your visit

Are you planning your trip to Hoyt & Lavt Climbing Park and have some questions? Then here you’ll find some useful information before your arrival here.