Forrige Neste

Himmelfallet - Skyfall

Feel the excitement and adrenaline of a free fall from high above ground. Skyfall, Himmelfallet in Norwegian, reaches 35 meters above ground. The platform you jump from is located 30 meters above ground. After climbing the 105 steps on the ladder to take you to the top you only need to muster the courage to make the jump. Two thirds of the descent is in free fall until the brakes come on and you are gently lowered back to solid ground. One jump is included in our ticket.

Weight Restrictions: Minimum 20 kg and 120 kg maximum.

Open in this period: June 18 – August 14 from 14:30 – 17:00 during regular opening hours.

Kjærra Waterfalls Park

Just a stone’s throw from our climbing park, Kjærra Waterfalls Park awaits your visit. The Park is a great area for a family outing and has won several awards for its recreational areas. Entrance is free and there are often art exhibitions and concerts held here. With two natural amphitheaters, it is a great spot to catch concerts during summer months. Kjærra Waterfalls Park is most famous as a historical salmon fishing site, and is home to the largest concentration of fishing equipment in Norway. Throughout July, you can watch as they empty the large fish trap found here. This is a weekly event and largely popular. Read more about Kjærra Waterfalls Park.