Forrige Neste

Food and beverage

After spending a couple of hours or a full day in our park you’ll need a refill of healthy and
nutritious food. Head on over to our café and enjoy a great
meal in cozy farm surroundings or have a picnic outside. The café serves a range of both
hot and cold meals, from sandwiches and smeared rolls to hotdogs and homebaked pasteries.

Opening hours for Høyt & Lavt Cafe:

  • Weekends in April, May, September and October:  11:00 – 16:00
  • Everyday in June*, July and August*: 11:00 – 17:00
    • *Not open weekdays from June 1 – June 16 and August 21 – August 31. In these periods we only open upon request for groups

We offer a separate menu for groups (minimum 20 people) or companies visiting our park. The menu is available
during our low season upon request. If you are visiting with a group and would
like to order food, please contact us at

Hiking in Lågendalen

Right outside of the climbing park you can get the ultimate cultural experiences in the Kjærra water park. Numedalslågen is one of the greatest salmon rivers in Norway and has lots of history and hiking trails.

We recommend you to use for more suggestions nearby. It is in Norwegian, but check this guide to help you.