Forrige Neste

Other Activities

See all the activities located near the the climbing park


Engholmen is located next to Valsøya. You can take a boat or row there with Halsabrura (a church boat with seven pairs of oars) with friends or colleagues.

Bring your friends or colleagues, experience the mighty nature and ancient culture as part of a successful collection that will not be forgotten. The program is suitable for 10-20 people, and we of course adapt the program to your wishes. We promise speed, excitement and good experiences that bring people closer together. Ideal for courses, conferences, kick-offs, board meetings, leadership meetings, team building, or family and friend gatherings.

A meeting at Engholmen can also be combined with a trip to eg. Edøya with guided tour of the Guri Center and / or Nekton Aquaculture. The Rib boat can accommodate up to 12 people.

Hestholmen Retro Festival

The Retro Festival at Hestholmen has a wide range of music genres that are played out on an islet, in the atmospheric summer night. We have had artist such as Smokie and Slade coming to play at our beautiful islet.

Beer & wine tasting

The a la carte restaurant Valsøytunet is open every day during the summer season. For booking of events, send mail to:

Fjord activities

– Kayaks
– Rent a boat for fishing
– Sailing with Optimist-dinghy

Sandnes Raspberry Plantation

– Self-picking raspberries
– Open all days of the raspberry season from 9am to 7pm


Old trading place which has a small cafe open on weekends in the summer season


StikkUt! Get out! is Norway’s best hiking trips!

Fjordruta DNT

The Fjord Route (Fjordruta) is a unique hiking route, where you can sleep in cabins in the mountains along the way. Visit one of the cabins on a day-trip, or walk the whole trail over several days.