Klatreparkene drives med ulike smittevernstiltak. De enkelte Høyt & Lavt klatreparker har gjort tiltak for å overholde myndighetenes krav. Les mer her.

Forrige Neste

Teambuilding – Day

An active day in the tree tops is an exciting place for the blue tour or other gatherings with colleagues. The climb offers challenges for everyone.

Group discount NOK 50, – per person for more than 15 people.

See regular opening hours here.
With a minimum of 15 people paying full day passes, the park can be opened outside of normal business hours


More info coming soon !! Send an email to sirdal@hoytlavt.no

Note : It is prohibited to enjoy alcohol in connection with activities with us.


Be sure to complete your self-declaration form before arriving at the park. Filled out only once per season and applies to all H&L parks. Fill out the form here.


Useful information that is easy to get ahead of our visit with us can be found here .