Practical information for groups

Here you can find information for groups which would be practical to know in advance […]

Waiver form

Everyone who is climbing in the park have to fill out a waiver form. It is recommended to do this online before the arrival which will save you time. The waiver form is valid for the whole season – if filled out online.

If you are a group, one responsible person can fill out a form for the whole group.



You will be met by one of our responsible instructors at your scheduled time. Before climbing/activity the group leader responsible must deliver the filled out waiver form for the group if it hasn’t been done online in advance.

Safety rules and training

Access to the activities are NOT permitted for:

  • Persons affected by alcohol or other drugs
  • Pregnant women
  • Those above the maximum weight of 120kg

Acess to the activities are not recommended for:

  • Persons with neck- or back pains.
  • Persons with deasese that affects hearts/lungs, or who has other physical challenges.

Everyone who takes part in activities in the park need to go through the mandatory safety training supervised by an instructor. The traning needs to be done at least once every season and is done in the climbing park on arrival.

All activity with Høyt & Lavt is quality assured through our regular routines and internal controls. The climbing tracks is yearly controlled and is approved by Statens Jernbanetilsyn. Safety is our top priority in our business, and we work continuously with development and improvements.

We appreciate all feedback of your experience in our park!


Height requirements

Our courses are graded using colours just like ski resorts. Orange is the easiest course and red the most difficult. In between you find light green, dark green and blue.

The height requirements to the different colours are:

Orange: Over 80 cm.
Green: Over 110 cm.
Red/blue: Over 140 cm.

Children under 6 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult in green courses.

Children under 12 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult in blue and red courses. We recommend minimum 1 adult for every 3rd child. Unfortunately we cannot give children access without an responsible adult in the “tall courses” in the park.


Weather and clothing

We recommend active clothing or hiking clothing which will be most suitable for climbing activities. We recommend several layers so you can adjust the clothing after body temperatures rise. It can be smart to bring an extra bag with spare clothing. Sneakers or hiking boots with a good sole are preferred. It is possible to climb even if it’s raining – but dress for the weather!

Clothing with loose cords and strings such as hoodies are not recommended.