Forrige Neste

Practical Info

Are you planning your trip to Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park and have some questions? Then here you’ll find some useful information before your arrival.

Purchase tickets

You can easily purchase tickets online before arrival. Please buy your tickets prior to midnight the day before your arrival. When you arrive at the park just bring your receipt showing your name. Buy tickets here.

Height & Weight Requirements

Some of our courses have height requirements and we follow the same colour coding as most ski resorts. The easiest courses are marked with orange, while the most challenging ones are red. In between you’ll find orange, green, blue.

The height and age requirements for the different courses are as follows:

Orange: above 80 cm.
Green/dark green: above 110 cm.
Blue: above 140, 10 years 
Red: above 140 cm, 13 years

Quick-jump: Above 140 cm, 10 years

Maximum weight: 120 kg

Children under 6 years of age need to accompanied by an adult in all courses. We recommend at least 1 adult for every 4. child.
For children under 10 years of age need to accompanied by an adult in the blue course.
For children under 13 years of age need to accompanied by an adult in the red course.

An responsible adult is over 18 years old

Safety & Training

Safety is one of our main concerns at Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park. The park is annually inspected by the Norwegian Railway Authority. We also frequently perform internal checks of the courses, and have several internal routines in place, so that you can feel safe at the park.

If you are going to partake in any activities or use our climbing courses, you must go through our mandatory safety course. You may experience some waiting time on busy days. Please listen to your instructor to make the wait as short as possible for yourself and others.

Please note that the mandatory course must be completed at least once per season.

Weather & Clothing

Recommended clothing varies with the seasons. For climbing in the winter, we recommend ski clothing, gloves, winter shoes with good sole and a thin winter hat to wear under the helmet.

In the summer, we recommend that you wear sports/fitness clothing or light hiking gear. Running or hiking shoes with a solid sole are preferred. In case of rain, we recommend you bring some light waterproof clothing with you. Please note that there can be resin in the trees.

As you will be staying active, you might want to wear several layers, so you can take some off as your temperature rises. We do not  recommend you wear clothing with any strings or cords on (for example Hoodies).  Long hair should be secured/tied back.

The park is open during the stated opening hours throughout the seasons. In the event of thunder and /or heavy wind, parts of the park may be closed due to the weather. Unforeseen operating shutdown does not entitle you to reimbursement of ticket fees.

Food & Beverage

An active day requires some food to keep you going!  We have the Sirdal Lodge Restaurant & Bar on site for light meals and refreshments, open while the park is open.


For families and individuals who want to stay overnight at Sirdal Resort, it is possible to book accommodation in our apartments right next to the climbing park

Practical info for groups

See separate page for practical information for groups here