Forrige Neste

Climbing Courses

Høyt & Lavt in Nedstrand has five courses with a total of 78 elements, and has Norway’s only 304-meter Zip-line with a fjord view.

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Full-Day Pass Large: Guests over140 cm: 360 kr
Full-Day Pass Medium: Guests between 110 – 140 cm: 300 kr
Full-Day Pass Small: Guests under 110 cm: 180 kr


Høyt & Lavt in Nedstrand has five courses with a total of 78 elements, and has Norway’s only 304-meter Zip-line with a fjord view.  In this beautiful setting, you will also find grill and picnic areas. In our cozy kiosk/cafe, we offer food and drinks. The atmosphere is peaceful here, and you can enjoy the mountains and the fjord.

Environmentally-Friendly and Integrated with the Natural Terrain

When you walk through the park, you will find that the park is adapted to the terrain – and not the other way around. The trees used are selected with care, and are inspected each year. The trees normally are not damaged by the installations, and the installations can also be removed without damaging the trees.

Focus on safety

Guest safety will always be paramount to us. We have a monitoring regime for the installations and safety equipment – checks and inspections on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. All our guests must complete a safety course and demonstrate that they have understood the principles of self-securing. An instructor is out in the park at all times, monitoring and providing assistance when necessary.

Height requirements

Height requirements for the various course colours are:

Orange: over 80 cm.
Green/Dark Green: over 110 cm.
Red/Blue: over 140 cm.

Wavier form

Remember to fill out the waiver form before you arrive at the park. It only needs to be filled out once per season, and it is valid for all H&L parks. Fill out the form here.

Practical info

Useful information that is good to know before your visit with us is found here.

The Courses

Height Requirement: Minimum 80 cm
Difficulty: Orange (Easy)
About the course:  8 obstacles

Familie Low
Height Requirement: Minimum 110 cm
Difficulty: Light Green (Slightly difficult)
About the course: 14 obstacles

Familie High
Height Requirement: Minimum 110 cm
Difficulty: Light Green (Challenging)
About the course: 17 obstacles

Familie High
Height Requirement: Minimum 110 cm
Difficulty: Dark Green (Difficult)
About the course: 14 obstacles

Height Requirement: Minimum 140 cm
Difficulty: Red (Very Difficult)
About the course: 17 obstacles