Forrige Neste

Infection protection measures in the climbing park

We take the situation around Covid-19 seriously. That is why we have taken steps in the climbing park to ensure that our guests and employees’ safety is taken care of. We welcome everyone to a great experience in nature.

Infection protection measures

NOTE: If you do not feel completely healthy, have the flu, cold symptoms or the like, you cannot use the climbing park. If you are in the risk group, or associate with people in the risk group, we do not recommend you take the trip.

We will sell a limited number of tickets in the future. These are purchased online before you arrive and you will have a given arrival time you must deal with.

Before arrival:

Buying tickets:

  • Tickets are only sold digitally. We do not accept cash.
  • Only 50% of the capacity of park visitors will be utilized.
  • The security statement must be completed digitally before arrival.


  • All guests should wear gloves. You can bring your own gloves or buy from us upon arrival.
  • We have loan helmets that are disinfected after use, but allow the use of our own helmet
  • The instructor takes visual inspection after you have put on your climbing equipment.

In the Climbing Park:

Keep distance:

  • If you are not in the same family / household, keep at least 1-2 meters distance at both ground level and in the climbing paths.

Training and teaching:

  • You even put on the climbing harness under the guidance of an instructor, members of the same household help each other. The instructor takes visual control and makes sure the harness is properly seated.
  • Training is carried out as before, but in smaller groups.
  • All guests must undergo a security check in the training course.

Food and drink:

  • We keep our kiosk closed.
  • Bring is allowed on the outdoor area.
  • Barbecues are closed indefinitely .

What if you need help down the trail:

  • Stay calm and follow the instructor’s instructions.
  • We all recommend choosing challenges at our own level so we keep the number of “rescues” to a minimum.

Toilets and hygiene:

There is good toilet capacity at High & Low, these are regularly cleaned.

  • There is access to washbasins in the toilets and the possibility of disinfecting hands in selected places.


  • Due to infectious protection considerations, Tarzantau will be closed indefinitely.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us