Forrige Neste

Practical info

Here you will find information that is advisable to read before visiting the climbing park

Height requirements

We use same color grading system as most ski resorts. Orange is the easiest and red the most challenging course. In between you will find green and blue.
Height requirements for the following color codes are:

Orange: Over 80 cm.
Green: Over 110 cm.
Blue/red: Over 140 cm.
Fjellvåken: Over 140 cm.


Everyone who is going to climb in our park must fill out and deliver a self-declaration form. It is recommended that this be done online before you arrive – then you save time. We have backup for those who have to do it on arrival. The self-declaration form applies for the whole season – if you have delivered online.
For group visit, a responsible person can sign for everyone.

Submit Waiver Form

Buy tickets online

This year we only sell tickets online. You can buy tickets the same day, either from home or when arrive at the park. But the sooner the better, as it can quickly be sold out during the summer season. Show receipt with QR code upon arrival and get handed out equipment right away.

Buy Tickets Here


All activity at Høyt&Lavt is quality assured through our routines and internal control. All the parks appliance are yearly controlled by an approved company, and approved by Statens Jernbane Tilsyn. Our first priority is safety and we are continuously working on development and improvement. We appreciate feedback if there should be anything to postpone your experience with us.

Weather & Clothing

We recommend active wear or outdoor clothing when using the park. The activity can quickly make you warm, so dress with the opportunity for relief in the outfit.
It is wise to bring a bag of extra clothing. We recommend sneakers or other types of hiking shoes.
Its no problem to climb during rain – bring rainwear.
Clothes with cords are not recommended as these can get stuck. Long hair must be gathered in a hair tie or something similar.

Food and beverage

In our cafe, we sell barbecue packages, ice cream,beverage and a selection of snacks. You may also bring your own food and beverage, but the cafe and the terrace are reserved our paying customers. There is also good seating outside on our lawn in front of the cafe. Here you have a panoramic view over our longest zip-line and the lake.

Høyt & Lavt barbecue packages :  Our guests can buy juicy hamburgers and sausages in our cafe. These are provided by the butcher Jens Eide. Together with handmade hamburger and sausage bread from our provider Kjøkkenskapet.
Once you have chosen your selected barbecue menu, bring it outside and grill it yourself on one of our grills.

Fire Prevention Regulations:  In the periode 15.April to 15.September it is forbidden to make fire in or near forests and other out lying areas without permission from Kristiansand kommune.


For the time being, we do not offer accommodation in our climbing park.

We can reccomend
This is located furthest in the wonderful coast of Kristiansand.
A 5-star holiday center with 250 pitched for caravan, motorhome and tent.
They also have great apartments, cabins and motel rooms with a total of 250 beds.

If you are looking for a hotel then Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda is the largest and newest  hotel in the region.The hotel is centrally located in the city, next door to Aquarama – water park with spa and fitness center. And with the city beach right outside the hotel.

Reserve a room…

Practical info for groups