Forrige Neste

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions with answers.

- When do you stay open?

Opening hours in the park vary with the season. Se Åpningstider for oppdatert oversikt.

- How many hours do you recommend we spend in the park?

For a good experience we recommend 3 hours and preferably more for families with children.

- What about kids in the park?

Children under:

  • 12 years old, needs to bring an adult in the blue and red courses.
  • 6 years old needs to bring an adult in the green courses.

We recommend a minimum of 1 adult per 4 children. Unfortunately, we cannot allow children under the age of 12 to access the  high slopes  in the park without a responsible adult. If you, as an adult, only follow the minimum age under 6, you can only pay a  children’s ticket  and join them in the orange trails.

- What is waiver form?

Everyone who uses the park must complete a self-declaration form where they undertake to follow the park’s safety rules. For persons under 18, this must be signed by a responsible adult. This can be done digitally –  click here  – or upon arrival at the park. Unfortunately we cannot provide guests with self-declaration access to the park.

- What kind of training do you get?

Everyone who uses the climbing park will receive training and assistance in using the equipment that is distributed on arrival. Together with an instructor, you go through a training course where you also get good information about the park and our safety routines. Unfortunately, on days of high demand, some waiting time must be expected, but the training is done continuously and takes around 15-20min. Follow the instructor’s messages carefully to reduce the waiting time.

- Can you feel it is full in the park?

We have a set number of seals that we can distribute before the park is full. Therefore, unfortunately, we do not have unlimited capacity. When this number is reached, there are no more harnesses available until someone finishes climbing and returns their harness.

- Where do I park?

We have free parking at Parking Sør at Breimyrveien nr. 100 on Hellemyr. We also have free limited parking on Parking East at Old Mandalsvei 22 in the middle of Suldalen.

- What is Drop-in?

Drop-in is when you arrive at the park without pre-booking. Unlike those who have pre-booked tickets, no room is guaranteed. On days of regular opening hours, pre-sold tickets will not be put up for sale in our store.

- How can you pay with you?

We accept most debit cards as well as cash. Some groups may receive an invoice for their visit (but must be arranged in advance).

- Is there any kind of serving?

Our cafe has the same opening hours as the climbing park. We offer ice cream, various cold and hot drinks as well as a variety of snacks.

- If I'm not going to climb, do I have to pay?

No – Those who do not want to participate in activities / climbing in the park, do not need to buy a day pass or reserve a seat. We have a great hiking area and established trail network where you can experience the park from ground level.

- Is it allowed to bring food?

Yes – Feel free to bring your nista and enjoy it in the park’s areas (but the cafe is reserved for paying guests).

- Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed in the park. Bring a bag and always keep the dog on a leash.

- Disabilities and special needs?

The park has the opportunity to accommodate and organize activities for guests with disabilities and other special needs. This must be agreed in advance. For questions contact

- What if the weather gets bad?

The park is open whatever the weather in the season. In the event of a thunderstorm and / or strong winds, all or part of the park may have to be closed to the weather. Unforeseen downtime does not entail the right to reimbursement of ticket money.

- How can I get in touch with you?

All relevant information about the park, location etc. can be found on our website. Should you still need to contact us – send an email to