Forrige Neste

Fjellvåken Zipline

We at Høyt & Lavt Kristiansand have built what we believe is Norway’s wildest zipline.

Fjellvåken Zipline

Can be added to your chosen ticket to the climbing park for an additional 240 NOK.

Starte time for your zipline ride is agreed upon arrival.

Book online before you arrive.

Fjellvåken Zipline one ride

One ride with Fjellvåken 400,-

Choose start time when you book.

Book online before you arrive.


Every day from June 22 to August 11

Open: from 14:30 – 17:00.

Inmportant information

Max weight for participant: 100 kg

Age limit: 10 years

Enjoy our most thrilling zipline

Norway's wildest zipline?

Høyt & Lavt Kristiansand have built what we believe is Norway’s most thrilling zipline. Our 500 meter high speed zipline, with its 65 meters in height difference, will allow you to dive at speeds up to 80 km/h. 

After a short hike you arrive at the starting point. Enjoy the view all the way out to the Oksøy lighthouse. Yo will now discover how far and steep it looks down to the landing point on the other side of the lake.


The Fjellvåken-experience includes a 10-20 min hike up to the starting point. We estimate approx. 10 people down the zip line per hour. First start is at 14:00.

Useful information that is easy to get ahead of your visit can be found here .