Forrige Neste

Bachelor/Bachelorette party

Do you have a friend who is ready to get married? Start the bachelor/bachelorette party in the climbing park. Here, the challenges are lined up for the bride/groom-to be and of course the rest of the group.


3 hour ticket:

From 295 NOK per person.

Minimum 15 people.

Book and pay online. If you want us to do your booking tickets will cost 315 NOK per person.

Note: You can change the number of climbers up to 2 days before your visit. If you have to cancel due to Covid-19 we do not charge you for that.


Bachelor/bachelorette party

A bachelor/bachelorette party in Høyt & Lavt gives you the opportunity to have a lot of fun together. The climbing park can be an active and extremely entertaining test of how he/she will handle the pressure, stress and challenges that maybe awaits. We recommend that you spend at least 2-3 hours in the park.

The equipment is provided and the test course is mandatory before entering the 10 courses of the park. You can choose which courses to do depending on your group and the challenges you want. Staying together as a big group or splitting in smaller is your own choice.

And extra challenge for the bride/groom to be is the Madam Felle free-fall jump. A step out in thin air from the top floor of our 12 meter high tower. A second later he/she is safely back on the ground.

After an active session in the park, the group can gather in our café/restaurant. We have a varied selection of food and beverage.

Important information

Access to the climbing park is prohibited for individuals who:

  • Weigh more than 120 kg
  • Are pregnant
  • Are under the influence of alcohol or other substances

Everyone who wishes to climb in the climbing park must go through safety training and abide by the climbing park’s rules.

Practical info for groups

All the information you need before your visit can be found here.