Klatreparkene drives med ulike smittevernstiltak. De enkelte Høyt & Lavt klatreparker har gjort tiltak for å overholde myndighetenes krav. Les mer her.

Forrige Neste

Infection Control measures

We take the situation around Covid-19 seriously. That is why we have taken steps in the climbing park to ensure that our guests and employees’ safety is taken care of. We welcome everyone to a great experience in nature.

Infection Control measures

NOTE: If you do not feel fully fit, have cold symptoms or the like, unfortunately you cannot climb the climbing park. If you are in the risk group, or are with people in the risk group, we do not recommend you take the trip.


Buying tickets:

  • Tickets are only sold online.
  • We recommend that tickets be purchased online at any given time in advance.
  • Watch this movie before arrival, security training: Watch this movie before arrival.


  • All guests must wear gloves. So bring your own gloves or buy them from us online

  • We have helmets that are disinfected after use for lending.

  • Instructor should check seals after strapping.
  • All seals and equipment must be disinfected after each use


In the Climbing Park:

Keep distance:

  • Maximum one per platform that is not family / household / group
  • If you are not in the same family / household / group, keep at least 2 meters distance or 1 obstacle distance at both ground level and up in the climbing tracks.

Training and teaching:

  • Training is carried out as before, but in smaller groups. We recommend you Watch this movie before arrival
  • All guests must undergo a safety check-out in the training course.


Food and drink:

  • Sales of coffee, ice cream and soft drinks. Keep your distance, and only touch on what you are absolutely sure you should have.
  • Bring food and drink is allowed on the outdoor area.
  • Waste should be disposed of in rubbish bins. Join in and keep the environment clean.

  • Vipps / bank cards – NOT cash sales!


What if you need help down the trail:

  • Stay calm and follow the instructor’s instructions.

  • We all recommend choosing challenges at our own level to keep the number of rescues to a minimum.

Toilets and hygiene:

  • The toilets are regularly cleaned.
  • There is access to wash basins in the toilets and the possibility of washing hands by hand in selected places.

Do you have any questions? Contact us sirdal@hoytlavt.no