Forrige Neste


In the restaurant we have meeting room facilities. It is possible to combine seminars, meeting and so on, with climbing in the park.


Do you wish to book meeting room and climbing, contact us for more information at e-mail or mobil 4706 6673


Weekday, outside opening hours


H&L Molde has rental of meeting room facilities.

When ordering both meeting rooms and climbing we can offer a package price. Contact or mobile 4701 9620.

Skikroa is equipped with a projector and sound system. Skikroa is well suited for meetings, courses, lectures, film screenings etc.

We offer meeting meals if desired. Contact us well in advance. Report any allergies, etc.

Waiver form

Waiver form. Remember to fill out the waiver form before arriving at the park. Filled out only once per season and applies to all H&L parks.

Fill out the form here.

Useful information

Useful information to read before your visit, you can find here.