Klatreparkene drives med ulike smittevernstiltak. De enkelte Høyt & Lavt klatreparker har gjort tiltak for å overholde myndighetenes krav. Les mer her.

Waiver Form

Anyone who uses the park must complete a waiver where they agree to follow the park's safety rules. Complete the below form to save time, or fill this out when you arrive at the park.

1. I confirm that:

  • I/we weigh less than 120 kg.
  • I am/we are not pregnant.
  • I am/we are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Before I and/or the group I am supervising start to climb:
    • I/we will participate in the climbers introduction course.
    • I/we will learn and respect the rules of the park.

You can find the safety rules on signs around the park and through the introduction course. Failure to comply by these rules will result in expulsion from the park without refund.

2. Submit form here

Waiver form for Høyt & Lavt Klatreparker, valid for the 2021 season!

Remember to sign the waiver form before you arrive the park. You only need to sign the forms once for each season (lasting from 01.Jan - 31.Dec). The waiver form is valid for all Høyt & Lavt klatreparker, including Oslo Sommerpark. Please be aware that this registration is NOT a ticket.