Forrige Neste

School & Student Climbing

For those who want to have an exciting time together with the class or student group, a whole day or a few hours in our climbing park. Time is sure to go fast.

Day pass from:

2 – 9 years: from 170 NOK
10 years +: 310 NOK

Book and pay online. If you want us to do your booking – tickets will cost 190 NOK or 330 NOK per person.

Note: You can change the number of climbers up to 2 days before your visit. If you have to cancel due to Covid-19 we do not charge you for that.


Available during normal opening hours.


Ready for a day in the most beautiful classroom around?

All school groups can spend a day in our climbing park and for a special price offer.

Enjoy a full day with fresh air, lots of fun with frieands. Our climbing courses are in varying degrees of difficulty, so everyone can find a climbing course to enjoy.

There will be kiosk items for sale in our cafe


Remember to fill out the self-declaration form before arriving at the park. Filled out only once per season and applies to all H&L parks. Fill out the form here.


Useful information that is easy to get ahead of our visit with us can be found here .