Forrige Neste

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday high in the tree tops, with your friends and have lots of fun


Opening Hours


A high flying birthday! Enjoy your birthday in the climbingpark surrounded by friends.

Climbing in the climbing park

Before your group starts to climb in the climbing park you need to go trough this steps.

  • Everyone gets their own gear
  • Our instructors will help you get the harness on and check it
  • See our safety video
  • Climb one of our training courses
  • Gone trough all of the above? Now you start with one green course to get the hang of it
  • Enjoy the thrilling fun out in the climbing courses

Read more about the climbing park


We dont serve food, but you are welcome to bring your own. Enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors on our picnic area. Remember to bring your own plates and cutlery.

Important: We cannot accept food that must be stored indoors in the cafe or cool in the kitchen.


Useful information that is easy to get ahead of our visit with us  can be found here.