Forrige Neste

Bachelor Party

Married friend? Give him / her a real challenge!


Opening hours


The climbing park can, in an active and highly entertaining way, be a test of how he or she copes with the stress, tension and challenges that may be waiting. An additional challenge to the climbing courses and all the ziplines can be Fjellvåken. Enjoy our 500 m high speed zip line, maybe you will reach up to 80 km / h!

Enjoy the day as you like in the climbing courses and climb together as a group. We guarantee a lot of laughter and fun. Of course, if anyone in the group does not want to climb, the entrance is free. And you are more than welcome to watch and be a photographer from the ground.

Please note:

  • You may not consume alcohol when taking part in any of the activities at Hoyt & Lavt Climbing Park
  • You can not climb while pregnant
  • Weight limit for climbers: 120 kg
  • We recommend a 3-hour visit with us. Some groups prefer visiting before lunch or after


Useful information that is easy to get ahead of our visit with us can be found here .