Question & Answer

Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions and our answers.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult while on an obstacle course. We recommend 1 adult per 4 children. You have to help us keep these rules. We are strict about this.

Everyone who uses the climbing park must complete a mandatory safety course with instructor. The course must be completed at least once per season. Unfortunately, on days of high demand, some waiting time must be expected in the safety training. Follow the instructor’s messages carefully to reduce the waiting time.

Unfortunately, the park does not have unlimited capacity. We have a maximum number of harnesses that we distribute, when this number is reached, there will not magically come more until someone returns the harness. If in doubt give us a call or buy a ticket online to be sure to have equipment ready for you.

We have free parking right by the park area. Follow the signs.

Drop-in is when you arrive at the park without pre-booking. Unlike those who have pre-booked tickets, no room is guaranteed. On days of regular opening hours, no pre-sold tickets are put up for sale in our store.

We accept most debit cards as well as cash(Norwegian currency. Groups can receive an invoice for their visit (must be arranged in advance).

We serve from our Service House during normal business hours. Here you will find a simple selection of dishes, you can also buy ice cream, drinks and a variety of snacks. Whether more food or dinners are needed, Bø camping lies not more than a stone’s throw away where there is full serving.

No. Those who do not want to participate in activities / climbing in the park, do not have to buy a day pass or reserve space. We have a great hiking area and established trail network where you can experience the park from ground level.

You can enjoy your own brought food and drink outside where there are benches set up.

Dogs are allowed in the park. Bring a bag and always keep the dog on a leash.

The park has the opportunity to accommodate and organize activities for guests with disabilities and other special needs. Maybe you don’t need as much facilitation as you think. Arrange this in advance. Call and ask us, we have experience and want you to visit. Our contact info is right here: or phone +47 91 82 41 70

The park is open whatever the weather in the season. In the event of a thunderstorm and / or heavy wind, parts of the park may need to be closed to the weather. Unforeseen downtime does not entail the right to reimbursement of ticket money.