Welcome to the coolest activity in Telemark!

Experience the world from the tree tops. Open from 4. May 2024

School classes

Bring your class to the climbing park for an awesome day in fresh air. Have fun in the courses or do small tasks in groups.


Just fun or focus on communication and cooperation? We give you challenges, experiences and fun.

Bachelor party

Every season you can arrange a bachelor party in Telemarks most fun climbing park.

Universal Design

Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park Bø is proud to support the Sunflower brand. Not all disabilities are visible - some are invisible.

Give yourself and yours an experience you will remember

At the gate of Bø Sommerland you can experience the world from the tree tops through 119 obstacles in 7 obstacle courses with a total of 18 zip-lines of varying length and difficulty.

The courses




Høyt & Lavt Bø in Telemark is an arena for experiences, challenges, mastery and learning. The climbing park consists of different types of obstacle courses in the trees, with varying lengths and difficulty levels. The obstacle courses consist of zip-lines and ropes, among other things that are built into the natural terrain, allowing you to experience an exciting world from the tree tops. In the climbing park, we facilitate challenging activities and raw experiences for the whole family in a safe environment, for all ages and skill levels.

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