Forrige Neste

Practical Information

Here you will find practical information that is good to know ahead of our visit with us.


All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the courses.

Otherwise, the height requirement applies.

Height Requirements

Our obstacle courses are graded with colors like in a ski resort. Orange is the simplest and black is the hardest. In between you will find light green, dark green, blue and red. The height requirements for the different colors of the courses are:

Orange: Over 80 cm.
Light-Green/Dark-green: Over 110 cm.
Red/Blue: Over 140 cm.
Black: Over 160 cm.

Important information

Access to the climbing park is prohibited for individuals who:

  • Weigh more than 120 kg
  • Are pregnant
  • Are under the influence of alcohol or other substances

Everyone who wishes to climb in the climbing park must go through safety training and abide by the climbing park’s rules.

Buy tickets

For the best prices – buy tickets on our website before arrival. Book by midnight the day before arrival. Then you are guaranteed space. Include receipt with QR code and show it upon arrival.

Buy your tickets here

Safety & Basic Training

Everyone who uses the climbing park must complete a mandatory safety course with instructor. The course must be completed at least once per season. Unfortunately, on days of high demand, some waiting time must be expected in the safety training. Follow the instructor’s messages carefully to reduce the waiting time.

Weather & Clothing

The park is open whatever the weather in the season. In the event of a thunderstorm and / or heavy wind, parts of the park may need to be closed until the weather clears up. Unforeseen downtime does not entail the right to reimbursement of your ticket payment. We recommend exercise clothing or easy moving hiking gear for climbing. You quickly get warm from all the activity, so dress up with the opportunity for relief in the outfit. It may be beneficial to carry a bag of extra clothing. Running shoes or hiking shoes with good soles are preferable. There is no problem climbing while it rains – carry some light rain-gear in your bag.

Have a look at the forecast here!

Food and beverages

We serve from our Service House during normal business hours. Here you will find a simple selection of dishes. You also get ice cream, drinks and a variety of snacks. You may enjoy your own food and drinks outside where there are benches set up. Whether more food or dinners are needed lies Bø Camping just 150 meter away. Here you can purchase what ever your heart desires.


Bø Camping is a stone’s throw from the climbing park and offers cabins, apartments and huts, as well as caravans, trailers and tent pitches. Bø also has other nice accommodations. To find more info, go to

Disabilities and special needs?

The park has the opportunity to accommodate and organize activities for guests with disabilities and other special needs. Contact us in advance so we can make arrangements. For questions contact us by email or tlf + 47 33 15 55 00

Practical information for groups

Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park Bø is proud to support the Sunflower brand.

We are part of the corporate network project Inclusive tourism in Telemark to gain knowledge about facilitation for people with disabilities in our tourism company. Unfortunately, we can not offer a universally designed park – we have no opportunity to do so, but we work to facilitate for everyone as far as we have the opportunity. “No one can arrange everything for everyone, but everyone can arrange something for someone” is the project’s slogan and also describes our purpose well.

Not all disabilities are visible – some are invisible. The sunflower label is a discreet way to show those around you that you have an invisible disability and may need extra assistance, help or simply a little extra time.

With us, everyone with an invisible disability is offered to use a sunflower band. If you think you need a sunflower band, contact us and we will help you.

Advantages of using the Sunflower Ribbon with us:
· The sunflower mark makes you visible
· Those around you can ask you how they can help you
· In front of the queue at the reception and shop

You can get the sunflower brand from us, contact us and we will be happy to help you. There are several locations in the area who also support the Sunflower brand, these can be found here. Read more about the scheme Sunflower brand.