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Bjorli Electric Bicycle Rental

Do you want to explore the beautiful nature in Lesja and Bjorli from the bicycle seat? Why not try an electric bicycle?

The climbing park Bjorli rents out electric bicycles.

Prices, incl helmet:
1-3 hours kr 400,-
4-7 hours kr 700,-
24 hours kr 900,-

Please contact us at or mobile +47 960 03 844
or the receiption of the climbing park.

Øyom Park – Football & Frisbee golf

In the immediate vicinity of the Solsida cabin area and Sør-Einbu farm lies Øyom Park. An excellent park and activity area set in a beautiful cultural landscape. Here, you will find courses for football golf, frisbee, golf practice and croquet. The park is also suitable for jogging, exercising and play.

Inside the park, there is also an open-air shelter with space for 50 people. Here, it’s possible to arrange events for groups, businesses, organisations and sports teams.

Lesja skydiving club

Lesja Skydiving Club (FSK) has 174 members and performs 2222 skydives per year. It was founded in 1988 and is a member of Norway’s Air Sports Association. Lesja FSK owns and operates Bjorli Airport, located in Bjorli, Lesja municipality. It is a privately-owned airport with an 850-metre-long asphalted airstrip. It has large hangers/packing areas and a great clubhouse. Lesja FSK jumps from a Cessna 206 (LN-BMV) that has room for 6 skydivers.

Sagelva Hydropower Centre

Sagelva Hydropower Centre is located in Lesja municipality, near the border with Rauma municipality. Here, the story of how hydro power has been used for 300 years is shared.

Exit from E136 approx. 3 km west of Bjorli. Follow the road towards Brøste for 1.5 km.

Lesjaskogvatnet Campsite

The campsite is located along the beautiful lake Lesjaskogvatnet. Excellent swimming, fishing and trekking opportunities. Fantastic recreational area!

Rowboat, canoe, paddleboat, and bicycle rentals as well as huts, tent sites, and pitches for caravans and RVs. Fishing license sales.

Lunt Bjorli

Interior shop and cafe at Bjorli.

Gamasje Fjellsport Bjorli

Gamasje Fjellsport is a sporting goods store in Bjorli. Located right beside Lunt and YX.

YX Bjorli

Aside from gasoline and automotive supplies, YX Bjorli also sells hamburgers and hotdogs, gambling and lottery tickets, and a mini-store selling fresh bread, milk, spreads etc. At YX Bjorli, you can fill up your gasoline and buy a hunting or fishing license for the area. YX Bjorli is also the tourism office for Lesja.

Treks & Natural experiences

In Lesja, one can find plenty of outdoor experiences. For years, Lesja municipality has been working to facilitate various types of activity. We have many different activities offered by voluntary organisations, and endless possibilities for unorganised activities with our pedestrian and bike-lanes, fishing lakes, boat and canoe rentals, heritage trails, cross-country trails and downhill skiing slope, trekking trails, proximity to the mountains and much more.

Click on “Read more” to discover the many excellent treks in Lesja municipality.


The Lesja Mountain Board administers rights of use in Dalsida and Lordalen state-owned lands in Lesja municipality. The state-owned lands include approx. 230 fishing lakes and many rivers and streams with fish. Here, there are good opportunities for sport fishing.

Lesja bygdemuseum

Lesja Bygdemuseum is an open-air museum located just below Lesja Church. The museum consists of buildings from the 1700s-1800s. The buildings come from different farms in Lesja and reveal how different social classes once lived.
During the summer season, a number of volunteers help keep the houses lively. They demonstrate various household and handcraft techniques and bake delicious baked goods. Every Wednesday, children activities are organised by Lesja’s Folk Art and Craft Association. The friendship association sells coffee and waffles in Bellestugu from Tuesday to Saturday.
Lesja Bygdemuseum has several exhibitions, some permanent and others temporary.


Lorkverna is a living industrial-historic cultural memorial with a mill, water wheel, iron smelting and coal burner.

Cultural interpretation trail, nature and culture, coffee bonfire and grill.

Avdemsbue & Avdem Gardsysteri

Avdemsbue is a general store originally from 1878, but the present premises are from 1938. At Avdemsbue you will find all the products from Avdem Gardsysteri (farm cheesery), in addition to cheeses from 12-20 other Norwegian cheeseries. The beer selection includes between 20-25 Norwegian microbreweries and they also stock cured meats, smoked fish, coffee, tea, flour, juice, jams and more. They also offer hand-made porcelain from Ment of Fåberg, a fine gift for yourself or others. In addition, they serve piping fresh cream waffles, ice cream and coffee.

Ironworks - Lesjaverk Gard

The ironworks was in operation from 1660 to 1812. The ironworks is located on the lower side of the railway line at Lesjaverk, with a downhill exit just south of the station (signposted to “Lesjaverk sag” and “Lesjaverk Gard”). Here, you will find a partially restored blast furnace from the 1700s (the only one in the country from this era) and the heritage main building of the works. At the ironworks, there is also a cultural interpretation trail with 11 posts.


At Dalsida, you’ll find large lakes, gentle trails and high mountain tops; an Eldorado for mountain hikers, riders, anglers and hunters. Up here at 860 meters elevation, you will find Sjongsvangen. Once a farm, Sjongsvangen is now run by Torkjell Hagestande. Here, there are spacious log cabins with room for 2, 4 or 7 guests. You can purchase fishing licenses from Torkjell.

Muskox safari

Dovrefjell is the only place in Norway, and one of the few places in the world, where you can see a muskox. On a guided tour, you are virtually 100% guaranteed to catch sight of the animal.


Raumabanen is Norway’s wildest and most beautiful railway line. It starts in Dombås and ends 114 kilometres to the west in Åndalsnes, along Romsdalsfjord.

The area that Raumabanen passes through is home to some of Norway’s most famous tourist attractions. Trollstigen, Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn and Rauma River are the most well-known.

Hjerkinn Mountain Lodge and Mountain riding

Hjerkinn Mountain Lodge have riding tours on Icelandic horses, for novice and experienced riders, children and adults. The age-limit is 12 years, or 10 years if parents are attending the ride too. You get to ride across fields, in the Mountains and across rivers, following beautiful trails through the Birch forests. Saturdays we ride into the muskoxen’s domain, on the look out for muskoxes, wild reindeer and horses grazing in the Mountain pastures.


Valldalsleden goes from beautiful fjord to mountain, from coast to inland. It is a pilgrim’s trail following the footsteps of Olav the Holy. For Olav, it was an escape route. For today’s wanderers, it’s an adventure. When Olav the Holy fled the country in the winter of 1028-1029, he brought his ship ashore in Valldall and went from here over the mountains to Lesja and Dovre. It is this route that Valldalsleden follows. It begins down by the fjord, goes up the valley and over the mountains through Reinheimen National Park. From here, the trail goes down into Lesja and then onwards to Dovre where it connects to the Gudbrandsdalsleden: a continuous road from Valldal to Trondheim. Accommodations vary from hotels to campsites, trekking association huts and farms.

Massage therapy - Isabelle Nørstegård

Do you suffer from muscular ailments, muscle or joint pains, poor concentration, headaches, migraines, low energy, ADHD, nerve pain, stomach or intestinal discomfort or other physical ailments? Massage therapy can help many ailments, and with an atlas correction in advance, the treatment will be even more effective.

Bjorli Ski slopes

Bjorli Ski Centre is located just on the border of Møre and Romsdal in Lesja municipality, one of the country’s most snow-proofed areas. Bjorli Ski Centre has 11 runs with a total length of 19.6 km, where the longest run is approx. 4 km. Bjorli Ski Centre has alpine slopes for all skill levels, from very easy and family-friendly to expert slopes with off-piste and powder snow opportunities. Bjorli Ski Centre has 6 lifts, including a 6-seater express lift to 1860 metres, with a capacity of 3000 passengers per hour. From this chairlift, you can take a ride deep into the mountains with fantastic touring possibilities and cross-country trails.

Bjorli Ski school & Ski rental

Right beside Bjorli Ski Centre you will find the ski school, ski rental, ski shop, ski service and café with free WI-FI and afterski.

Cross-country trails

Bjorli-Lesja Løypelag SA is a cooperative including members from the public and business spheres, permanent and holiday residents, teams/organisations, visitors and land-owners. Its primary purpose is to ensure good quality on our trail network, both summer and winter.