Forrige Neste

Teambuilding – Activity Day

A day in the climbing courses in Høyt & Lavt Bergen offers challenges through activities regardless of your age and skills. Experiences you’ll never forget!


Price upon request.

Opening Hours

Weekdays outside normal opening hours


An activity day in the climbing park will regardless of your age and skills, reward you with the feeling of mastering a challenge. The 10 courses are of different difficulties – everything from easy obstacles a meter off the ground, to serious climbing 20 meters up in the treetops. The courses are made up of different obstacles and zip-lines built between poles and trees in the forest.

Madam felle-spranget

For those who want some extra challenge, we highly recommend that you jump from the tower. Now you can get the chance to experience freefall for a short period of time. Jump out from 12 meters and land safely on the ground. Read more about Madam felle-spranget.

Useful information for groups

Useful information to read before your visit, you can find here.