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Practical info

Planning a trip to Hoyt & Lavt Climbing Park and have some questions? You find useful information before your arrival here.

Height Requirements and weight limit

Our climbing courses have height requirements and we follow the same color coding as most ski resorts. The easiest courses are marked with orange, while the most challenging ones are black. In between you find light green, dark green, blue and red.

The height requirements for the different courses are as follows:

Orange: above 80 cm. Green/dark green: above 110 cm. Red/Blue: above 140 cm. Black: above 160 cm.

Note: children under 6 years need adult company in green courses and children under 10 years must have adult company in blue and red courses even if they meet the height requirement.

Weight limit: 120 kg

Purchase tickets

We recommend you purchase tickets online before arrival.
When you arrive at the park please have your confirmation ready with the QR-code.

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Safety & training

Safety is of utmost importance at Høyt & Lavt Climbing Parks. The park is annually inspected by the Norwegian Railway Authority. We also regularly perform internal controls of the operation to ensure your safety.

Before partaking in the activities and entering our climbing courses, you will undergo our mandatory safety course. This is done by video instruction, and our instructors will make sure you are properly fitted in the gear and given needed information before you can start climbing.

You can watch the video before arriving here
Please note that the mandatory course must be completed at least once per season.

Weather & Clothes

We recommend that you wear sports/fitness clothing or light hiking gear when you are going climbing in our park. As you will be staying active you might want to wear several layers, so you can take some off as your temperature rises. Running or hiking shoes with a solid sole are preferred.

In case of rain, we recommend you bring some light waterproof clothing with you. Please note that there can be resin in the trees.

We do not recommend you wear clothing with any strings or cords on to our climbing course.

The park will be open in all weather conditions. If the park has to close due to unforeseen conditions, such as thunder storms, we are unable to reimburse your ticket fee.

Food & drinks

We sell light refreshments and snacks in our kiosk.

You may also bring your own food and drinks. Our courtyard has ample seating and there is a designated grilling area. We have BBQs available for all our guests to use.

Please note that you may not bring your own grill to the park, due to fire hazard.

How to buy tickets with a gift certificate:

1) Choose ticket
2) Choose date
3) Press «Bestill nå»

1) Press “Fortsett”

1) Fill in required info
2) Press “Fortsett” when you are ready

1) Choose payment “Gift Certificate”

1) Fill in the code of your gift card (below barcode)
2) Press “Legg til”
3) Complete order

Student discount

Students get a 50,- NOK discount off tickets. On booking, add the code STUDENT24 where it says “Apply promo or voucher”.
Student validation must be shown on arrival.

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