About Høyt & Lavt Trondheim

Our climbing park is a collection of rope courses in trees. The courses vary in length and level of difficulty, and are built into the natural terrain.

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Ranheimsvegen 11,
7044 Trondheim

+47 902 14 047

Companies & groups

Birthday groups, activity teams etc can get tailored offers as respects times and pricing. Please contact us on eMail with your request: trondheim@hoytlavt.no or phone us on +47 902 14 047 in opening hours.


Contact us on email: trondheim@hoytlavt.no

Key Personnel

Elin Nygård

CEO elin@hoytlavt.no +47 47634424

About Us

In our high ropes climbing park all the courses are fitted in pine trees in a natural forest. The courses vary in length and level of difficulty. Using wires and ropes to traverse the forest you get a thrilling and spectacular view from the treetops!

All of Hoyt & Lavt’s parks offer challenging activities and experiences in a safe environment, catering to all ages and ambitions. We have special deals and offers for families, businesses and large groups.