Les våre smitteverntiltak her

Forrige Neste

School groups

Have an active day with the class to strengthen the unity of the group and enjoy mastering challenges together. All year round!

Price: 300,- per person, min 10 persons.

Book online in opening hours.

Up to two teachers can climb with the group without cost.


Days outside opening hours:

Price: 300,- per person, minimum fee: 4500,-(Minimum 15 persons)

Up to two teachers can climb with the group without cost.

Order on email, all days:


Time available: 3 hours

Bookings must be made minimum one week in advance.

The Visit

The visit begins with fitting and instruction of equipment by our experienced instructors.

Height requirements:

  • Orange courses: over 80 cm
  • Green courses: over 110 cm
  • Red and blue courses: over 140 cm
  • Black course: over 160 cm

Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult in the green courses. Children below age 12 must be accompanied in blue, red and black courses. Each adult can accompany up to 4 children at a time.

Max. weight limit is 120 kg.

Wavier Form

Remember to fill in the waiver form before you arrive at the park. You only have to do it once every season, and it counts for all the H&L parks. Fill in waiver form

Food & Drinks

Our BBQs are available, please feel free to bring whatever you like to eat and drink. Ice cream, snacks and cold and hot drinks are sold in our kiosk.

There is a designated eating area, but you can also enjoy food and drinks inside the park. We ask that you do not use the BBQ while wearing the climbing equipment. Please notify us in advance if you wish to use the grill.

Practical Info

Useful information in advance of you visit you find here.