Forrige Neste

Bachelorette party

Are you looking for activities for your bachelorette party? Take the groom or the bride with you for a thrilling experience in our climbing park.


We have group discount for bachelorette parties!

Current prices:

10% discount for groups between 10-19 people

20% discount for groups of 20 people or more


The visit starts with handing out of equipment before you receive training from one of our instructors. After that everyone starts in one of our orange or green courses (depending on height and age) before you can try the other courses in the park if you meet the height requirements.

The climbing park consits of different courses with zip lines and exciting obstacles. Everyone can find something they like, whether they want to climb a few meters above the ground or take on the challenge higher up. The ones who do not wish to climb can walk on the ground and enjoy our beautiful forest area with exciting paths and bird chirping.

NOTE: It is prohibited to enjoy alcohol in relation to any activities in our resort.

Waiver form

Remember to fill out waiver form before your arrival in the park. A person responsible for the whole group can fill out for the whole group. Fill out form here

Practical information

Useful information to know before your arrival can be found here