Forrige Neste

School groups

Bring your school class to a different and exciting experience. In Høyt & Lavt the whole class can be active in the treetops regardless of age and skills. Our courses have different difficulties, so there’s something for everyone. An activity day strengthens the unity in the class through challenges, mastering, joy, happiness and shared experiences.


Climbing: 190 NOK per person for kids between 2-9 years old, and 330 NOK per person over 10 years old.

Minimum 20 persons.

Booking or more information eller mob. 47 66 06 73.


3 hours of activities on weekdays and weekends.


Spend the day in the climbing park with your school class. You can either bring your own food or eat in the cafe.

The day starts with handing climbing gear, and then training from one of our instructors. From there you start climb in one of our green or orange courses.

See height requirements here.

Children under 10 year must be assisted by an adult in blue courses. Children under age of 6 must be accompanied in green courses

Useful information

Useful information to read before your visit, you can find here.