Forrige Neste

Other activities

See all the other activities near the H&L Climbing Park Trysil

Family Rafting

Maximise your experience!
Combine a half-day in the climbing park with a rafting trip with SkiStar Guides. The family tours are arranged on the Trysil river, south of the town, where the river is graded 1-2.  Here the river alternations between safe, slow-flowing sections where you can swim if you like, to sections that are a bit more fast-paced! We believe this is Norway’s best family rafting. Children over 6 years old and accompanied by an adult are welcome on the family rafting.

Surf Session

Master the wave!
Join a surf session and you can try what our rafting guides at SkiStar Guides get up to in their spare time! To surf with a river-board, ducky and rafting boat. The feeling of paddling in a waterfall cannot be described with words, it must be experienced! This is an activity suitable for adults and teenagers from 13 years old, when family rafting is not enough action!

Mountain biking

Professional or complete beginner, there’s a challenge for everyone in the Trysil bike arena. The network of trails is similar to the climbing park with colour coding to show difficulty level and is suitable for those who have not tried mountain biking before. If you are experienced there is terrain to suit you, and the Terrain Cycling Festival (Utflukt) is taking place for the fifth year in a row in Trysil. Join SkiStar Guides for a technical course or book a guide to teach you the basic principles of mountain biking and find the best trails for you.


This is the activity for those that want an adrenaline filled day. The natural experience itself is amazing! SkiStar Guides will take you through Røafallen with its five waterfalls dropping between 3 and 18 meters. You are supplied with a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet. It is up to you how brave you want to be. You can try large jumps in to the waterfall and use the waterfall as a natural slide. Minimum age is 15 years accompanied by an adult.


Experience 10 km of the wildest rapids on the Trysil river!
On the rafting trip with SkiStar Guides we paddle through 9 rapids. As the difficulty gradually increases, so does the challenge and excitement of the trip. We are on the water for approximately 1.5-2 hours and we finish with a hot lunch in our tipi. Minimum age is 15 years accompanied by an adult.