Joy and mastery for all!

We guarantee that this is just as fun for adults as for children!

Conference, kick-offs or a summer party

We tailor activities to suit your wishes and requirements.


Activities and challenges for almost every ages and skill levels

School classes

Bring your class to an active and fun day in the tree tops. Try our ziplines and have fun.


You find the climbing park in the middle of Hemsedal centre.

Remember to fill the waiver form before you come to the park.

Everyone that climbs the park have to fill out the waiver form once a year. Do it before you arrive the climbing park, it saves you time.

The courses




We also have a Quick jump, which is named “Skogshornfallet” and two climbing walls. Our trails are graded with colors like in a resort, from the easiest to the most difficult: orange, green, blue, and red. The height requirements for the people who are to walk the trails are: Orange: over 80cm. Green: over 110cm. Blue and red: over 140cm. Climbing routes: Minimum 20 kg. Max 120 kg

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