Practical Info

Are you planning your trip to Hoyt & Lavt Climbing Park and have some questions? Then here you’ll find some useful information before your arrival.

Height Requirements and weight limit

Some of our courses have height requirements and we follow the same color coding as most ski resorts. The easiest courses are marked with orange, while the most challenging ones are black. In between you’ll find light green, dark green, blue and red.

The height requirements for the different courses are as follows:

Orange: above 80 cm. Green/dark green: above 110 cm. Red/Blue: above 140 cm. Black: above 160 cm.

Weight limit: 120 kg

Important information

  • Access to the climbing park is prohibited for individuals who:
    • Weigh more than 120 kg
    • Are pregnant
    • Are under the influence of alcohol or other substances

    Everyone who wishes to climb in the climbing park must go through safety training and abide by the climbing park’s rules.

Purchase Tickets

You can easily purchase tickets online before arrival. When you arrive at the park just bring your receipt containing a QR-code.

Food & Drinks

You may also bring your own food and drinks. Our central courtyard has ample seating.

Please note that you may not bring your own one-time grill (engangsgrill) to our park, due to the fire hazard.