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Climbing for everyone

Our Adventure Park is for anyone – both young and old. It doesn’t matter what physical shape you are in or if you’ve never climbed before. Grand-parents can climb together with grand-children, friends can create new memories together – and colleagues can take their workplace to new heights.

Climbing Courses for children, teens and adults.

At the climbing park you can find courses everyone thrives in. The courses are color coded which shows the difficulty – from orannge (easiest) to light green, dark green, blue, red and black (most difficult).

Height requirements

Height requirements to the different courses are:
Orange: over 80cm.
Green/Dark green: over 110cm.
Red/Blue: over 140cm.
Black: over 160cm.

Age requirements

Children under 6 years which are over 110cm must be accompanied by an adult up  green courses (height requirement: 110cm.).
Children under 10 years
which are over 140cm must be accompanied by an adult up blue, red (height requirement 140cm) og black courses (height requirement 160cm).

Important information

Access to the courses are not allowed for people who are:

  • Weights more than 120kg
  • Pregnant
  • Influenced by alcohol or other drugs.

Everyone who participates must take our learning-process in the climbing park and follow our guidelines.