Northern Norways first H&L Climbing Park

Climbing for everyone🎉


Explore the treetops at Norway's northernmost Høyt & Lavt Climbing Park. Make sure to visit during your summer vacation!

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Climbing Courses

62 Elements

13 Zip-lines

6 Courses

Our courses are graded with colors like in a ski resort from easiest to most difficult: Orange, light green, dark green, and blue. The height requirements for the climbing trails are: Orange: over 80 cm. Green: over 110 cm. Blue: over 140 cm.

Even though the child is tall enough to complete the course, it doesn’t mean they are capable of doing it alone. Most children under 6 years old will need an adult accompanying them on most of the trails, but this can vary greatly.


Children 2-9 years old: 3-hour pass: Low season (27.05-30.06) 200 NOK/ High season (01.07-13.08) 250 NOK Adults 10 years and above: 3-hour pass: Low season: (27.05-30.06) 350 NOK/High season (01.07-13.08) 400 NOK

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