Forrige Neste


Høyt & Lavt Valsøya has a great location by the fjord along the E39, midway between Trondheim and Kristiansund N., on the way to or from the Atlantic Road.

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3-hours pass – Large (Person aged 10 years and older): Kr 395,-
3-hours pass – Medium (Person aged 6-9 years): Kr 295,-
3-hours pass – Small (Person aged 2-5 years): Kr 195-


Height Requirements

The height requirements for the different colors of the trails are:
Orange: taller than 80 cm.
Green/dark green: taller than 110 cm.
Red/blue: taller than 140 cm.
Black: tallet than 160 cm.

Children under the age of 6 must be followed in the course of a responsible adult in green trails.
Children under the age of 12 must be followed by an adult in; blue, red and black trails.
Maximum weight limit: 120 kilos.

Important information

Access to the climbing trails is not permitted for persons who:
  • weighs more than 120 kg
  • are pregnant
  • are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
Everyone who is going to climb must participate in training in the climbing park and familiarize themselves with and follow the rules of the climbing park.


Practical info

Useful information before your visit with us do you find here.


The courses are located in trees and poles with zip-lines and exciting obstacles. These start in the tower or in selected trees / poles in the square. The trails are graded with colors as in a ski resort. From the simplest ones that are orange, on to the green, blue and red ones that are the most difficult ones.


The climbing park is located in beautiful and scenic surroundings. Our operational building, “Gapahuk”, designed by Snøhetta for Rindalshytter, is located with a unique view of the fjord. In addition to ticket sales and climbing equipment, you will find a small cafe with refreshments and easy service, as well as the opportunity to purchase various products. For the smallest, we have an activity room with the possibility of climbing up to the playhouse.