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Looking to build a zip line? Then we have everything you need! We can deliver zip lines that span from the 10 meter-long and 3% fall that are perfect for playgrounds, to the 700-meter-long wires with dual descents up to 30% and soaring speeds at 180 km/h. They are all built in accordance with national and international regulations and we offer zip lines for parks of all sizes. Our zip lines can be built using existing trees and mountains or by installing poles into the terrain.

Initial Inspection

During our initial inspection we’ll make a rough design and look at the potential and opportunities of your area. You’ll receive an initial design draft, a budget estimate and a detailed description of your order. This provides you with a clear and concise view of what establishing a park will mean both financially and practically. These documents can be of great help when applying for funding and can help you in attracting investors. We can also assist you with zoning plans and aquiring permits.

The initial inspection documents are like the blueprints for your house, providing you with a solid foundation for further work, budgeting and planning of your park.

Constructing the Zip Line

The zip line construction period is dependent on a variety of factors such as the terrain, environment and other concerns. Normally, constructing the zip line takes from 1 to 2 weeks. We will also test the zip line(s) and train the staff responsible for the line. The zip line needs government approval before it can open to the general public. As such, you should expect to wait 2 (two) months from your decision to build the zip line and to its first opening day. All H&L zip lines are built in accordance to national and international regulations.

Establishing Routines and Training Staff

National government regulations state that the Operating Manager must have the necessary qualifications in order to manage the adventure park. As such, we’ve developed our own system for internal control and operations of zip lines and adventure-based services. This will provide you with the necessary operating routines, complete with checklists and instructions for the different functions and we will provide the training necessary if needed. Our system can also be easily implemented into other activities that are part of your daily operations.

Your staff can visit our park and be a part of the operation firsthand, providing them with useful experience, before their own park opens. Alternatively, our instructors can assist you on-site during the initial opening phase of your park. Our focus lies in quality and safety and we will do our best so that both staff and guests alike will have the best experience possible.

Government Certificate of Approval

All H&L adventure park installations and products are built in compliance with both national and international regulations.

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Does your zip line, adventure park or any other related equipment require maintenance? Then we’re up for the job. We are qualified to do maintenance complying with national and international regulations.