TRUBLUE Auto Belay

TRUBLUE Auto Belay

When Head Rush Technologies launched their TRUBLUE Auto Belay it was the very first of its kind and is still the most used auto belay. Whether you’re operating a climbing center, adventure park or recreational center, the TRUBLUE is a great asset.

The patented magnetic braking technology revolutionized climbing walls the world over. TRUBLUE adjusts automatically to the climber’s weight and reduces the need for a human belay, while adhering to the strictest safety requirements on the market. Due to the magnetic braking, there are no friction pads, or any contacting parts required for breaking. This improves reliability while reducing maintenance costs over time.

The TRUBLUE is a small yet portable device, which is easy to install or relocate when needed. The auto belay is mounted to anchor points at the top of the climbing route and connected with self-locking carabiners, in accordance with climbing wall standard 12927-6.

If you’re operating a climbing center without a TRUBLUE Auto Belay then you’ll soon realize that this is something you should have installed a long time ago.

TRUBLUE is available in five different variations. It is the height of the climbing wall that determines which device that is suited for you.

  • TRUBLUE: 7,5 m og 12,5 m
  • TRUBLUE XL: 20 m
  • TRUBLUE SPEED: 12,5 m og 16 m
    TRUBLUE SPEED is made specially for competition and speed climbing.

Key Features

Easy to install and relocate

  • Automatically adjusts to the climber’s weight, from 10 to 150 kg
  • The magnetic system reduces wear over time
  • Wide variety of descent heights, ranging from 7,5 m to 20 m
  • Weight: 19,3 kg
  • Dimensions: 80 x 320 x 216 mm
  • Maximum descent speed: 2 m/s.

Hoyt & Lavt can help you with a complete installation of the TRUBLUE and we’ll tailor the experience to suit the needs of your park and its guests.

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If you’re looking to purchase a TRUBLUE Auto Belay or need assistance with recertification please contact us.


Required Annual Recertification

Hoyt & Lavt are a Head Rush Technologies certified service center and we will gladly help with the required annual recertification of your TRUBLUE Auto Belay.