Quick Flight

Quick Flight

Quick Flight

QUICKFlight Freefall Device

QUICKFlight Freefall Device

Looking to give your visitors an adrenaline rush? Then the QUICkFlight is a great way to do it! It lets you feel the thrill of a free fall before you’re lowered safely and smoothly back on solid ground. The QUICKFlight is a perfect fit either as a stand-alone installation or as part of an adventure trail. Guaranteed “wow” factor for kids and adults alike!

Head Rush Technologies’ QUICKFlight freefall device comes in two versions; the QUICKFlight and the QUICKFlight XL. Both are based on the same magnetic technology as the TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

QuickFlight is available in two different types. It is how thrilling you want the jump to be, that determines which type that is best suited for you

Mounting heights:

  • QuickFlight: from 8,3 m to 15,3 m.
  • QuickFlight XL: from 21,8 m to 23 m.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and relocate
  • Automatically adjusts to the climber’s weight, from 20 to 130 kg
  • The magnetic system reduces wear over time
  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors, as high as 21.8m
  • Additional rip cords accessories are available to increase the free fall
  • Weight: 19,75 kg / 20,8 kg (QUICKjump XL)
  • Dimensions: 80 x 320 x 216 mm

Hoyt & Lavt can help you with a complete installation of the QUICKFlight and we’ll tailor the experience to suit the needs of your park and its guests. Read more about the QUICKFlight.



If you’re looking to purchase a QuickFlight Freefall Device or need assistance with recertification please contact us.


Required Annual Recertification

Hoyt & Lavt are a Head Rush Technologies certified service center and we will gladly help with the required annual recertification of your QuickFlight Freefall Device.