Free Fall Simulator

Free Fall Simulator

Free Fall Simulator

​Free Fall Simulator

Free Fall Simulator

There’s nothing that gets the adrenaline pumping quite as much as a a free fall. And
now you and your guests can experience it in a safe way with our Free Fall
Simulator. We’ve already built two of these in Norway at 30 and 20 meters heights
The simulator utilizes an air brake system and doesn’t need an external power source to operate. It reduces the falling speed to match each individual jumper’s weight, which ensures that the landing feels like jumping from the height of a cardboard box. Combined with the thrill of the free fall, this is destined to be a hit among your park’s visitors.

H&L will gladly help you with a complete kit whether you want a simulator inside or outside. The free fall simulator can also be used as brake system for zip lines and belay systems but we recommend the zipSTOP or TRUBLUE for simpler installations.

Key Features

  • Air brake automatically adjusts descent speed depending on the jumpers weight
  • Can be used by persons weighing from 20 to 120 kg
  • An excellent choice for adventure parks with a wide array of visitors; from adults to children alike
  • Automatically resets itself after each fall
  • Can be used outdoors during most weather conditions
  • Long service intervals keeps service costs down
  • TUV and ISO 900 certified


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