Hoyt & Lavt Park Systems

We build adventure parks of any size with all of the elements you know - and love. We’ll help you with every aspect of establishing your park – from the initial feasibility study, the design and layout of the park to applying for funds and necessary permits. Take advantage of our many years of experience and let us help set your park up for success right from the start. In addition to construction we will gladly help you with implementing routines and training staff, as well as park maintenance and management support.

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Building an Adventure Park

All adventure parks from Hoyt & Lavt are designed and built in accordance with NS-EN 15567-1:2015 regulations. Building an adventure park takes more than just ordering a couple of obstacles and making a trail through the woods. All obstacles and elements need to be adapted to their surroundings and each individual park.

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Building a Zip Line

We’ll provide your park with an exciting zip line – no matter the size. Our zip lines can range from the 10-meter-long playground element that’s perfect for kids, to the 700-meter adrenaline-inducing descent at soaring speeds. Safety is our main concern and all zip lines are built in accordance with national and international regulations.

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Adventure Installations

Want that little extra something for your park? Then our adventure installations provide your visitors with high-flying challenges in physics and team building like you’ve never seen before. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging activity for families or corporate groups alike, this is the perfect choice.

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Building a Playground

Playgrounds from Hoyt & Lavt don’t require a harness or wire and are a popular choice among schools. We’ll either use the trees you have available or install poles in order to build a playground. All of our parks and playgrounds are tailored to their surroundings, so you’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind experience!

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Park Maintenance

Does your zip line, adventure park or any other related equipment require maintenance? Then we’re up for the job. We are qualified to do maintenance complying with national and international regulations.