School Classes

School Classes


290 kr per person.
Minimum 15 people. 
Height Requirement: Over 110 cm.

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Tuesday and Thursday: 4 hours of activity between 09:00 and 21:00

Valid during the period 06/05 - 24/06 and 21/08 - 29/10


Now you can take your class on an exciting and unique experience. We can offer activities of varying difficulties and something for everybody. Well-suited as a year-end party, exercise day or just a break from the school routine.

We offer accommodations in a teepee (2x16 people) or a lean-to shelter (up to 35 people)


WAIVER - Remember to fill out the waiver form before you arrive at the park. The group leader can fill it out for the entire group. Fill out form here.


Useful information that is good to know before your visit with us is found here.