About Hoyt & Lavt Nedstrand
About Hoyt & Lavt Nedstrand

The climbing park consists primarily of different types of courses in the trees that vary in length and difficulty. The courses are made of wires and ropes, which are built into the natural terrain and let you experience an exciting world from the tree tops. At Hoyt & Lavt climbing parks, we provide challenging activities and raw experiences in a safe environment, for all ages and skill levels. We have prepared offers for individuals, families and groups.

Contact Information

Pb 39, 5560 Nedstrand

52 77 61 40


Bedrifter & Grupper

If you would like to book an event, contact us by e-mail: or call us at +47 52 77 61 40 (between 08:00 and 16:00). We do not accept advance reservations for groups with less than 10 people during opening hours.


This year we have reserved Thursdays especially for school classes and sports teams. During these days, we have dramatically reduced prices on activities in the climing park. If you would like to visit on other days, please contact us for an offer.