About Høyt & Lavt Hemsedal
About Høyt & Lavt Hemsedal

The climbing park consists of different trails in the tree tops and between poles, with different lengths and level of difficulty. The trails consist of for example steel wires and ropes which are built into the natural terrain, and let you experience an exciting world from the tree tops. Høyt& Lavt make thrilling attractions which take care of the environment and are safe to use for all participants regardless of age and knowledge. Our park works for both individual visitors as well as families and groups. Høyt & Lavt Hemsedal is run by Hemsedal Fjellsport. We also offer other activities like Via Ferrata, River snorkeling, mountain hikes (summer and winter) guiding, canoe rental and tobogganing during winter.

Contact info

Pb 68, 3561 Hemsedal

+47 942 14 111


Bedrifter & Grupper

If you would like to book packages for groups, please contact us on email: or phone: +47 942 14 111


If you would like to book packages for schools, please contact us on email: or phone: +47 942 14 111