Teambuilding - Pentathlon & SPGR

Teambuilding - Pentathlon & SPGR

Teambuilding - Pentathlon & SPGR
Teambuilding - Pentathlon & SPGR
Teambuilding - Pentathlon & SPGR


950,- per person (minimum 10)

Up to 4 hours.



Regular opening hours (except the summer holiday)


Pentathlon & SPGR

How to improve your teams performance, efficiency and cooperation?

By doing teambuilding at the climbing park you will achieve increased awareness about your team, their part, and how it can affect the teams cooperation skills.

The team development tool SPGR will give you and your team a unique insight on how you affect each other and how the dynamic in the group is working. Custom-made exercises will give increased focus on communication, trust and common comprehension - Key factors to an efficient teamwork.

The goal with teamwork is that you will perform better together than alone. The cooperation between team members are crucial for good results.

Høyt & Lavt is responsible for teambuilding in action, while Stand Out is responsible for the academic part.

For more information about Stand Out click here


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Useful information for groups

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