Teambuilding - Zipline & Jump

Teambuilding - Zipline & Jump

Teambuilding - Zipline & Jump
Zip-line chillin'
Teambuilding - Zipline & Jump
Madam Felle Free-fall jump
Teambuilding - Zipline & Jump
One of many Zip-lines
Teambuilding - Zipline & Jump
Best view in town?
Teambuilding - Zipline & Jump
Jump down from our 12 meter tall tower.

From 400 NOK per person (minimum 10 participants)

1-2 hours activity.

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Thursdays and Fridays 9am to 21am

From January 2nd to June 22nd, and from August 17th to December 15th


Experiences are best when shared! Experience challenges and mastering together with you colleagues in the climbing park. Challenge your coworkers by jumping from the 12 meter high Madam Felle tower, or try some of our zip-lines. The climbing park has over 20 zip-lines, and the two longest are 300 meters long.

Overcome challenges and experience mastering on your own level regardless of your physical shape and the difficulty of the course.


Waiver form - Remember to fill in the waiver form before you come to the park. You only have to do it once every season, and it counts for all the H&L parks. Go to Waiver Form.


PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR GROUPS - Useful information to read before your visit, you can find here.